Word Association Test

Word Association Test 

ISSB Word Association check is additionally abbreviated as WAT and is an element of ISSB Psychological check. during this check varied words ar displayed on a projector and therefore the candidates ought to build sentences. This check could be a important tool for the scientist to assess the temperament traits of the candidate. By analyzing the words association of an individual, they get to grasp what quite person you're, what ar your beliefs and dislikes, however does one behave to your surroundings and what's within you. because of Care should be taken to confirm that sentences don't depict the sensation of concern, insecurity, anxiety, cowardliness etc.  This check aims at judgment the temperament traits and basic science of a candidate. It brings out attitudes, thoughts, desires, feelings and even negative aspects of one’s temperament.For testing the word association, candidates are shown a word of common usage for regarding ten seconds, throughout which period candidates are purported to write a sentence. once 10 seconds are over, another word is exposed for 10 seconds, the method continues and candidates are asked to jot down one hundred sentences.

The words are simple and of every day usage. Time given to the candidates is thus short that they need to jot down down the terribly initial thought that comes once seeing the word. The psychologists analyse the temperament traits, attitudes and feelings on the premise of those natural reactions of the candidates to specific words.

here will be no prepared created solutions to the word association check. However, with a touch little bit of observe the willdidate can select correct sentence. The discouraged, negative, pervert and counter-productive feelings should be avoided whereas positive feelings of success, honesty, respect, uprightness, optimism, humanism, etc ought to be highlighted. for instance, the word “failure”, will be used as “Failure cannot continuously be avoided”, or “Failures are the pillars of success”. Whereas the previous sentence depicts pessimism and defeat, the latter sentence shows however a negative word may also be utilized in a positive manner. On similar lines the candidates should prepare himself beforehand for words like defeat, death, malady wrong, etc. It should be ensured that the sentences used ar tiny and convey some positive facet of one’s psyche. ordinary care should be taken to confirm that the sentences don't depict the sensation of concern, insecurity, anxiety, cowardice, etc. to try and do well during this check the candidates should observe with many sets of words and do the self appraisal.

Number of Words:     100

Time:      10 seconds for each word

In the respective time candidates must write their response on their own selection dossier. 

Few Examples:


Candidates reactions: a) Peace overcomes war

b) War is destruction

c) I hate war

d) War suggests that bloodshed

Suggestion: Love Peace, however be ready for war


Candidate: a) all loves peace (Acceptable)

b) i like peace

c) Peace brings Progress ( terribly Good)


Candidate: a) work is worship

b) toil pays (Acceptable)

c) Hard work ends up in success (Very Good)

d) Work whereas you're employed play whereas you play (Avoid victimisation proverbs)



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