Wish To Join Pakistan Army

Wish To Join Pakistan Army

 Every nation on the world stands on bound outlined cardinals and people cardinals revolve around a Centre of Gravity. It’s AN discretionary term that is variably disparate. It may well be a faith, culture, a company or ideology. For Pakistan, it's the military around that everything revolves i.e. creating them the Centre of Gravity of the country. Among the military services, along side enforcement Agencies, it's the Pakistan Army that forms the nucleus, around that alternative services revolve.

In  times of peace the maximum amount as in war, Pakistan Army has been at the fore to supply its toil, blood and sweat in commission of the country. it's a matter of nice honor to the members of this honored establishment to play their half within the building of this nice nation. The core reasons behind expertise instilled in them, particularly the Officer Cadre may be a thorough choice method and rigorous coaching imparted throughout the early life in Pakistan academy (PMA) similarly as ensuant courses later within the service.  Here square measure a couple of belongings you ought to apprehend if you want to affix Pakistan Military  academy.

Application and Selection Process

 An advertisement is shared by Pakistan Army in newspapers doubly a year (after six months), together with the small print on its official web site computer network joinpakarmy.gov.pk. people wanting will apply for the obtainable positions keeping in mind that they have to be eligible for the giving looking on the extent of qualifications and alternative section criteria’s. they'll initial seem in a web initial check followed by Associate in Nursing interview and physical potency tests. this may be followed by their 4-day tests in several entomb Services choice Board (ISSB) centers. ISSB contains a smorgasbord of tests and interviews together with temperament analysis, command tasks, written intelligence tests and interviews by board members and psychologists. ‘Recommended’ people area unit then sent to close Combined Military Hospitals for an in depth medical checkup.

Categories of Service

Regular Commission
  1. PMA Long Course (PMA L/C)
  2. Graduated course
  3. Technical Cadet Course (TCC)
  4. Medical Cadet course (M-Cadet)
  5. Armed forces nursing service (AFNS)

Short Service Regular Commission
  1. General duty medical officer (GDMOs)

Direct Short Service Commission
  2. Lady Cadet Course ( LCC)
  3. Information & Computer Technology Officers (ICTOs)
Soldier Recruitments
  1. Soldiers



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