Initial Medical of PMA l/c

Initial Medical of PMA l/c

Medical tests that are conducted in CMH by Army Medical employees are  weight,height,chest test,knee knock take a glance at,flat foot take a glance at,urine testing,bone test,checking of nose eyes ears & teeth,bones testing,urine testing,inheritance ill health testing and pressure.

  1. Weight

       Weight need to be per be BMI index (Body Mass Index).
  2. Height

       : Minimum height required is 5'-4''.
  3. Chest

       Throughout this the dimensions of chest throughout deep respiration ( growth and contraction of chest) is measured and it need to expand to 5 cm (2 ft)  otherwise  if did not come up to the current demand then candidate square measure about to be rejected at the spot. For example If previous  to deep respiration the dimensions of chest of candidate is thirty 2 in. then throughout deep respiration it need to become thirty four in. as per demand ( increase of 5cm or 2 inch).
  4. Knee Knock

       Throughout running knee should not strike each other.This is take a glance at  throughout this take a look at.This downside could also be solved   by riding horse or fixing air tight football game between legs at the time of sleeping or nap.
  5. Flat Feet

       Foot should not be torrential flat.There need to grove in feet.
  6. Tongue

       To Check the Proficiency of your tongue.
  7. Angle of Elbow

       When your arms are held out at your sides and your palms are facing forward, your forearm and hands should normally be about 5 to 15 degrees away from your body. This is the normal "carrying angle" of the elbow. 
  8. Piles Test

       To examine your piles.
  9. Eye Test

       Your eye clearance must be very important and they also examine the color blindness.
  10. Ear and Nose

      They also examine your ears and nose. You must clear both before going for medical.

Note:   Therefore on clear medical all candidates need to complete all and each tests mentioned on high of therefore as clear there medical tests conducted by CMH medical employees or Medical Board.If victorious candidates square measure about to be required interview otherwise they're going to be  rejected or not most popular.



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