Five Days of ISSB

Five Days of Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB)

In this article we tell you the whole process of Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB)  in very short way, that name as  Five Days of Inter Service Selection Board (ISSB),

Arrival Day:
1. Call Letters authentication, Registration of Arrival.
2. Allotment of Rooms.
3. Authentication of Documents.
4. Allotment of Chest Numbers.
5. Photograph shoot.
6. Bio data Form filling + Incident
7. Laundry.

Written Day:
1. Intelligence Tests (Verbal, Non Verbal, Mechanical aptitude)
2. Sentence completion 2 sets of English and 2 sets of Urdu, 26 sentences per set, 6 mins for each set.
3. WAT (Words Association Test) 100 words, 10 seconds each.
4. Picture Story Test. 4 stories, 4 mins each.
5. Pointer Stories. 2 Stories, 3.5 mins each.
6. Merits and Demerits.

GTO (Group Testing Officer) 1st Day:
1. Allotment of New chest Numbers.
2. Indoor tasks
(i) Introduction.
(ii) Group Discussion.
(iii) Lecturate (2mins)
(iv) Model Planning (15 mins)
3. Outdoor Tasks
(i) Progressive group task.
(ii) Half Group Task
4. Psychologist or Deputy President Interview.

GTO (Group Testing Officer) 2nd Day:
1. Command Task.
2. Individual Obstacles (2 mins, 9 Obstacles)
3.Final Group Task (English Language)
4. Mutual Assessment.
5. Deputy President or Psychologist Interview.

Departure Day:
1. Re interviews, Re Command Tasks or Re Obstacles of some candidates.
2. Say good bye to ISSB and hope u don’t go there again.



علم بانٹناصدقہ جاریہ ہے، اپنے دوست واحباب سے شیئرکریں۔


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