How Female Can join the Pakistan Army

How Female Can join the Pakistan Army

Pakistan Army is proud of Pakistan. The military provides national defense against national and international enemies. Since women have many jobs in the Pakistan Armed Forces, women can serve in the Pakistan Army from a different perspective.
It provides excellent career opportunities for talented youth in various fields of Pakistan Army. A large number of students apply for the Pak Army. There is an organized system of promotion and growth. Officers are promoted through the standard process of rules and regulations.
Girls can make a career in Pakistan Army. After successfully completing all the tests and interviews, a candidate can take advantage of several facilities. They are trained in armored academies.

Type of Commission
AFNS – BSc Nursing


   l Matric (Scie)– 60%
lF.Sc (Pre-med) – 50%

Short Service Regular Commission

General Duty Medical Officers

MBBS or equivalent qualifications

Classified Specialists

MBBS with higher postgraduate qualifications
Direct Short Service Commission
Corps of Engineers
BE in following disciplines:
lCivil Engineering
lArchitectural lEngineering
lTown Planning lEngineering

Corps of Signals
BSc Engg (4 Years Programme) in following disciplines:-
lTelecommunication Engineering.
lSoftware Engineering / Information Technology.
lInformation Security

Corps of Ordnance
lMBA Supply Chain Management
lMBA Finance
lBE Textile Engineering

Army Services Corps

lMBA Supply Chain Management
lMBA Finance
lBSc(Hons) Food Sciences and Nutrition

Corps of Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
lComputer Hardware

Information & Computer Technology Officers
lBSc Engineering / B.E (Telecommunication/ Computer Software / Computer System)
lBCS 4 Years

Selection Process:

  • Registration can be done through internet or AS&RCS
  • Written/Intelligence/ISSB/Physical Tests are conducted for final selection
  • Further Selection: The recommended candidate will be called for interview
  • Training will be given at PMA for the period of 6 months
  • Bond: Selected candidates will sign a bond after training

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