Interview's Key point

Interview's Key point

First Impressions

Most people have a first opinion of a stranger in the first five minutes of their meeting. According to the researchers, the impressions of the candidates are the following:
· Body language and image (70%).
· Voice tone (20%)
· What you say (10%)
As soon as you enter the building, you should be nice to everyone you meet. He must remain calm and confident, give a firm handshake and remember to look into his eyes. You should feel comfortable, just like the interviewer, being realistic and, at the same time you remain professional, it is often a good idea to start some conversations, especially if the interviewer takes you to the room. interview. Help break the silence.

Interview Techniques

The interview is not only an opportunity for the interviewer to determine if you are the right person for the job, but also an opportunity for you to see if the forces are right for you.
During the interview, you should look for opportunities to be proactive and ask your own questions or try to lead the discussion if necessary. The questions should reflect your willingness to work for the Forces. Keep your concentration level high during the interview and be sure to listen to the interviewer's answers. The worst mistakes occur when people ask questions about topics that are already covered or that they do not understand or do not understand what the interviewer said.

Key points::

·       Make sure you pay full attention to the interviewer.
· Wait until they have finished speaking before answering the question.
· Be sure to ask open questions for complete answers.
· Make sure you understand everything that has been said.
· What are your greatest achievements? This must be work-related, and it is an opportunity to  demonstrate your ability.
· Where do you see yourself in five years?

Points you need to remember:

·        The smile is a good sign, because it reaffirms your good nature. Do not make false smiles.
·     Maintain eye contact
·     Relax and do not rush.
·    Stay alert, sit upright, do not sink, but be comfortable.
      Always have an honest and safe attitude.


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