Permanent commission as PN Cadet

Permanent commission as PN Cadet

Civilian            161/2 -21                                 Serving           17-23 years
                        Male 5’4”                                                        
Gender :         
Marital Status:
This is the most theme for enrollment of officers in Islamic Republic of Pakistan Navy. below this theme candidates area unit inducted doubly a year as PN plebe. this sort of commission is obtainable within the following branches once the prosperous completion of two years initial coaching.

- Operations
- Weapon Engineering
- Marine Engineering
- Supply

Candidates should have qualified HSSC/A-Level with a minimum of hour marks with any of the subsequent subjects
- Physics, science and Chemistry
- Physics, science and engineering science
- Physics, science and Statistics
- Candidates of A-Level area unit needed to submit equivalence certificate
- F.Sc Part-II showing candidates with a minimum of hour marks in Part-I area unit eligible. However, they need to supply a hope certificate
A candidate is ineligible if he is:-
a.         PUF by AMB (permanently declared UNFIT by attractiveness Medical Board).
b.         Declared medically unfit thanks to viral hepatitis & C (AMB can't be requested).
C.         Declared unfit by any militry Hospital except those cleared by attractiveness Medical Board.
d.         Tested among four months (120 days) gap of previous look (For Not suggested candidates).
e.         Tested among one year validity amount. (As validity of ISSB/GHQ/AHQ/NHQ choice Board stands for one year).
f.   Doubly rejected by ISSB/GHQ/NHQ/AHQ choice Board or once rejected by ISSB and once rejected by GHQ/NHQ/AHQ choice Board.
g.         Withdrawn from any Academy/Training establishment of militia on any ground.
h.         Withdrawn from any secured militia college/institution on disciplinary grounds.
j.          Dismissed/removed/debarred from Government Services as well as militia.
k. condemned by a Court of Law for Associate in Nursing offence involving ethical depravity.
l.          Submitting tampered original tutorial certificate.

Note:   Eligibility criteria is subject to change as per service requirement.



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