GTO's Tasks Guide

GTO's Test Guide

As soon as you pass the psychological test the next day, you will have to go through the tasks of the ISSB GTO. These tasks took place on the third and fourth day of their arrival and will also be part of many physical activities. In this article, we'll give you tips on GTO ISSB tasks, GTO ISSB videos, and GTO ISSB notes so you can get ready.

What is GTO’s Tasks?
GTO is the abbreviation of "Group Testing Officer" and is in charge of its internal and external tests. This person is a superior level and will be an expert to observe you. GTOs will never reveal your publication or designation, nor will they be in the proper uniform. They wear normal clothes and you can not judge who this person is and what designation they have. They will not even reveal your name when you meet him.
They never talk too much and do not even want to be flattering. They have a serious attitude and are up-to-date in the tasks of the ISSB GTO. All GTOs will wear dark tones. It seems that they are so elegant and awesome with these incredible shades of dark colors, but in fact, they are constantly watching you, whatever you do. Never underestimate them or think they are busy with other tasks and do not observe you. Whether they're writing something, whether they're busy on the phone, watching birds, flying, talking to someone who's watching them. It's just their way of making you feel they've ignored you for a moment, but that's not the case. You are the observation point and they never forgot to do their job!
Another important thing is that they will try to talk to you during different tasks and will try to distract you. You can listen to them or what they say, but your main goal should be the task you are working on. You can even answer them, but continue to do your homework and do not give them the feeling that, apart from your homework, everything is your priority.

Purpose of the ISSB GTO tasks:
The main objective of the tasks of ISSB GTO is to analyze teamwork and coordination skills. Apart from this, their ability to withstand pressure, team harmony, mind, decision making and leadership are also central concerns. Candidates with all these skills have a greater chance of selection.

Task categories GTO ISSB:
There are two main categories of GTO ISSB tasks: inside and outside. These are divided into different tasks that are the following:

Indoor  Tasks:
1.    Group Discussion Task
2.    Lecturette topic
3.    Group planning

Outdoor Tasks:
1.    Command task
2.    Half group task
3.    Individual task
4.    Progressive Group Task

Detailed explanation:
let's dig deeper and know what it is.
Indoor Tasks
The internal tasks of the ISSB include 3 main tasks. The candidates are divided into a group of 6 to 9 people who are then assigned tasks in which an analysis is performed. These tasks are not so difficult and can be easily erased if you act intelligently and proactively.
1. Group discussion :
From his name, it is indicated that the candidates will be divided into groups and will have to discuss on a given topic. They may be against or in favor of the assigned discussion topic. The details of the group discussions were previously written in the ISSB group discussion article.
2. Lecturate:
A subject is given to the candidate to make a brief presentation at a specific time. This topic is general and easy. It can be delivered in English or Urdu. More tips and details are already provided on the subject of the ISSB conference.
3. Planning/Maping:
A situation is given to the group of candidates with different problems and they must find a solution. Everyone participates and works as a team. Detailed explanations of group planning and tips for doing so are included in the ISSB group planning.

The external tasks are all ground tasks. Physical abilities are also tested in external tasks, as well as resistance, mind, pressure management and leadership. Like internal tasks, some tasks here are group tasks and others are done individually.
4.Command task:
Command tasks include a group leader and some obstacles to overcome. All candidates in a group have the opportunity to become the commander. This task becomes difficult if there is no team harmony. More details and tips are given in the ISSB command task.
5. Half-group Task:
In this task, the group is divided into two subgroups and this time no one is a commander, and the candidates have to cross a specific area with obstacles and exit points. More details in the task of the ISSB half-group.
6. Individual task:
In this event, a candidate must clear 9 obstacles in a limited time. These obstacles are difficult to overcome. The tips are given here ISSB Individual Task.
7. Progressive Group Task:
It's the hardest of all. In this document, the GTO assigns a task that must be completed in 3 steps. Each step is more difficult than the previous one. Some of the material that will be used in this task is also provided and the terrain will appear there. More details are here in the ISSB Progressive Group's task.



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