Chest Requirements

Having a normal chest is an important feature in medical examination. A lot of candidates are declared “Under-Chest” during their Initial Medical Examination and hence they have to wait for 6 months for the next course to start. In this article I will try to cover the chest requirements of defense forces, the reasons of being under-chest and the tips through which you can increase your chest.


Chest measurement is taken in two dimensions during the medical and requirements of both dimensions must be met in order to get fitness.
Chest Size:
The medical officer/assistant will measure your chest with your shirt off with a measuring tape (inches-tape). He will put the measuring tape around your back and will meet the ends in front of your chest. The minimum chest size must be 79 cm i.e. 31.1 inches.

Chest Expansion: 
After measuring the chest size, he will ask you to take a deep breath so that he can check your chest expansion. The minimum chest expansion must be 5 cm. So after expansion, your chest must be at least 84 cm in size i.e. 33 inches.


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